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When does 10DLC come into effect for Peer to Peer Texting? 

NOTICE: As of March 25, 2021, the June 1, 2021, deadline is no longer in effect. 

The 10DLC registration process has been postponed and will not affect any of Peerly’s clients at this time. Peerly will receive ample notice from our carriers and the form campaign registry when a new date is announced. 

How Will 10DLC Affect Peer to Peer Texting? 

10DLC registration will be a requirement for businesses & Organizations sending messages to the United States using 10-digit long code numbers. We have partnered with our carriers and the campaign registry to ensure our extensive client base is phased into the 10DLC A2P / P2P Texting registration when it comes into effect.  

Is Peerly ready for the 10DLC role out for P2P Texting?

Yes! Peerly has had direct meetings with the Campaign Registry and its Verify Partners. We will ensure you have the time and guidance needed to complete registration. We have also designed a simple registration directly in the Peerly App to assist with this when the time comes.

How will the 10DLC A2P / P2P texting registration work?

When you complete your A2P texting Profile (Brand Registration) on the Peerly App, The Campaign Registry will give your Brand a Trust Score of either Low, Medium, or High Trust.  Peerly’s process will assist and ensure you maintain a high trust score while using our platform. This rating can affect the message throughput that will be allocated to each of your jobs.

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