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4 More Tips To Take Your Peer to Peer Campaign To The Next Level

By May 15, 2020July 11th, 2022News

You may remember a few weeks ago we shared 6 tips to get started on your Peer to Peer Campaign. Peer to Peer Texting is a powerful yet simple to use technology. We have specifically designed Peerly’s interface to give users the flexibility to make their campaign their own. However, there are a number of things you can do to make your campaign highly effective. We have highlighted 6 of these methods you can do to take your campaign to the next level.

1. Budget Appropriately

Let’s do an experiment. Imagine you have a contact list of 10,000 members. If you assume that you get an 80% response rate and 30% of those are positive. Those 30% response rate texts will average 4 texts each which will alter your budget and how much you are able to spend on peer-to-peer messaging. Always budget not just for your initial round of messages that go out, but also the conversations that they lead too. 

While long conversations with users can be very helpful as well, you need to think of your budget and also your agents’ time. You should always be moving users towards your conversion goal whether that is a donation, or visiting a website. 

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2. Script whatever you can

When creating your peer to peer texting campaign it is important that you create a guide for your volunteers to follow which will allow them to have predetermined responses. Rather than constantly checking in with you the campaign manager for a response, you are making it easier to streamline the flow of communication. For example, you should have responses always ready for the following phrases you are bound to receive.  

“Opt-in YES” 

“Opt-out” response

“No Opt-in” 

“How did you get my number?” 

“Don’t text this number anymore” 

“Who is this?” 

By having this response ready you will be able to manage your campaigns (which could be thousands of simultaneous conversations) with a greater degree of efficiency and consistency in your messaging.

Furthermore, don’t be married to your pre-generated responses. Once you have a bank of responses that are highly effective, experiment with some different types of campaigns and always be testing.

3. Don’t be afraid to use emoji 😏

Emoji can be a fun way to help capture a sense of authenticity in your text messaging. Also, as text messaging campaigns become more and more common, businesses will continue to use them. Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing them now and escape that feeling of “sameness” in your text communication. How many emoji and which ones specifically are used are up to you and your team.  It is okay to allow some level of flexibility to your conversations, and you may find that letting your volunteers embrace emoji yields a successful campaign with more engaged users.

4. Make the first text perfect.

You know what they say “you never get a second chance at a first impression when meeting someone” and the same holds true for your peer-to-peer texting campaign. You only have a few characters to convince the receiver that you are not spam. The way to ensure that you are building trust out of the gate is to:

  • Personalize the message with auto-fills and emoji
  • identify who you are and who you are representing
  • Move them along your funnel towards the next step (donations, attendance, signatures, etc.)

Example: Hey Bill, this is Grover from the Kermit the Frog campaign. We are hosting a fundraiser barbeque at Rockefeller Park this Friday at 7 pm. Free food and drinks! 🍔🥤 Will you be there?

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