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Donor Engagement

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Far too often our past donors only contacted when they’re being asked for money. Now for the first time ever one volunteer or staff member can contact thousands of past donors and engage these people at their level 1 on 1 through two-way peer texting. They can offer new insights and information and updates on what’s new with your organization.

You can then give an opportunity for your donor to make a donation live over text message and even process that donation by providing a simple link directly to your fundraising page.

Traditionally it costs a tremendous amount of money in advertising to obtain the donations necessary to run a successful cause-based organization.

Now there are no expensive call centers or expensive commissions needing to be paid to Social Media companies or phone carriers. With just a few Volunteers in your own office, you can meet your yearly fundraising demands and provide meaningful donor engagement on a number of issues with P2P Texting. We offer risk-free trials so what are you waiting for. What are you waiting for? Try this groundbreaking technology today!

Other Usage Scenarios

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Recruit & Identify
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